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Please click on any of the following free Sunday school resources which will help you to plan your Sunday School lesson on Noah and the Ark. All the resources are free to copy and print for use in your children's church or Sunday School only.


Stories and Lessons

Noah - Children's Bible Stories

RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! - A Story about Noah and the Ark


God's Plan to save us - Children's Sermons (Part1)

The Great Flood - Children's Sermons (Part2)

Rainbows and Promises - Children's Sermons (Part3)


The Great Flood - Bible Story

A Rainbow of Promise - Sermons4Kids


Real Rainbows, Real Promises

A science lesson to teach about God's promises. 


Activities, Crafts and Games

Noah's Ark Crossword

Noah and the Ark Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah and the Ark Codebreaker


Rainbow Memory Verse

A memory challenge to learn the verse for Noah and the Ark


Noah's 3D Ark

Build Noah's Ark, an excellent craft that's easy and fun to make .


Noah's Ark Paper Plate Craft

A Paper Plate Ark, Rainbow and Animals


Pop-Up Noah's Ark

Great craft to illustrate the story of Noah and the flood. 


Noah Builds the Ark

Kid's have fun building their own little arks


Noah and the Ark Bible Colouring Pages

The Flood Ends - Colouring Page

Noah's Ark - Colouring Pages


Noah's Ark Cut and Paste Worksheet

A Childrens activitiy to cut and paste the animals on the ark


The Rainbow of Promise

A connect the dots worksheet


Help Noah find Land

A Maze for kids to help Noah find land.


Noah and the Flood

A colouring story book has 16 pages with line drawings and text suitable for explaining this wonderful Old Testament story to younger children in a simple and easy to understand way. 


Noah's Ark Games

A List of Games based on Noah's Ark


Noah's Ark Game

A Fun Printable game for children to enjoy.


Noah's Ark Board Game

Roll the dice... and move on the Game Board. If you land on the rainbow... pick a card. Do what is says on the card. The one who lands on finish first... wins the game.

A Printable Board Game







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